GSI Ghost Scene Investigators

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About Us

GSI started as a group of amatures, equipped only with a few investigative tools. An infra red video camera, some torches, trigger objects, some stories of haunted places local to us and an open mind to figure out what people were actually seeing, hearing and experiencing. We decided that we want to find out what "ghosts" are by investigating "hauntings" to see if we can capture evidence. We endeavour to collect evidence to prove that the paranormal events that occur cannot be rationally explained.

We have since purchased additional equipment as you will see on our Equipment page and have gained interest from other people who would like to join us.

Feel free to Contact us if you wish to join us on investigations or if you have somewhere you would like us to investigate.

One of our favourite public locations is Pembrey Country Park, where they have experienced quite a bit of paranormal activity, but have failed so far to capture any of it. We have not had time to return since investing in additional investigation equipment... So there is still hope.

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