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Gelli Hir

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Gelli Hir

Gelli-Hir is a partly ancient wood, dating from before the 1600s, which lies on the northern edge of Fairwood Common, Swansea.

It is believed to have many spirits, including that of a woman that apparently hung herself.

We were able to get the pictures below and some video footage that is currently being edited.

Four of our team were on this investigation, where we carried out question and answer sessions using voice recorders and EMF meters. We had some inconclusive results as someone left their phone on which interfered with the meter. This was one of our first investigations trialing our new equipment, although we had limited success (apart from the videos) we learnt a lot from the night.

It was a very cold night, with temperatures down to -9
c, so using the thermometer gun to look for cold spots wasn't on the cards.

The video will be put up here soon.

Original Orb 1Enhanced Orb 1Original Orb 2Enhanced Orb 2Original Orb 3Enhanced Orb 3

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