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GSI promises to bring professionalism to every case we investigate. We do not use mediums. We understand that it is hard to call someone like us and we will respect any wishes to remain anonymous.

We bring various investigative equipment to your property to assist in the capture of evidence of paranormal activity. The findings will then be analysed by our team. We will present our findings to the client and all investigations are carried out in the strictest confidence. GSI will not disclose any of your personal details on our website and will discuss any pictures and reports with you before publishing them. All evidence captured is for our own research and will not be made public without the permission of the property owner, although we may share less confidential evidence (such as voice recordings or a photograph with nothing distinguishing in it) with other paranormal investigators, but the location will remain anonymous. More sensitive cases will be dealt with by the senior members and be held under the strictest confidence,where nothing will be shared outside of our group without the clients prior permission.

GSI are experienced investigators and have gained knowledge from the TAPS group . We will listen to your experiences before asking for a tour of the activity hot spots. We will then set up our equipment and begin the investigation, trying to recreate the experiences to see if we can find rational explanations. We will then review our evidence and share our findings with you

You are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media. We will leave our contact details, should you continue to need comfort or help.

GSI carry out investigations free of charge. Any reasonable expenses which may arise are covered by the team, within a 100-mile distance from Swansea. We are happy to investigate further afield, but would accept a donation to cover additional fuel costs.

Remember, we understand the fear and the seriousness of your situation. We are after all, normal people.

So, if you are having trouble dealing with paranormal influences in your life, contact GSI and we will commit to do our very best to help you.

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