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New Lodge

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New Lodge, Gorseinon, Swansea


This was an evening organised by another group, more spiritual than actual ghost hunting - but interesting all the same. They take a different approach to us at GSI, which include Séance’s, Energy Circles, Dowsing Rods, etc.

Denise & I attended and had a few new experiences. One of the reasons we went was to see how other people run their events and to see if there was anything we would incorporate in ours.

Although it was a relatively quiet evening, we did have some strange experiences while conducting the energy circle experiment. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands and "pass a ball of energy" up your left arm, across your chest, down your right arm to the hand of the person next to you while someone encourages the spirits out.

There was a female spirit standing in front of me for quite some time, the girl to my right could "see" her as well and said that the spirit was reaching out trying to touch me, although I didn't feel anything (thankfully!).

Denise and the girl to her left (pictured below) could see a tall male in front of them, which she felt push between them. After about 10 minutes, there was a terrible stench in the room (sulphur-ish), which had nothing to do with me! Most people in the room experienced it.

These are pictures of marks that appeared on the girl next to Denise. We don't know how they got there as we were all holding hands at the time.

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