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Undisclosed Location

Past Investigations

Undisclosed Location

This is a location where many people have reported activity, such as full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, as well as being physically touched.

Before we could carry out the investigation, we were asked not to either disclose the location or admit to anyone that we had even carried out an investigation. We are not even at liberty to say if it was a residence, commercial or public building.

Seven of our team were on this investigation and we split into three groups, armed with digital cameras, voice recorders, thermometer guns and EMF/K2 meters.

We set up our new infrared cameras in four areas in the building, to be known as Rooms 1, 2 & 3 and the stairs (unable to be more specific). Due to the age and draughts in the building we were finding it hard to see whether we had a lot of orbs or dust flying around, we suspect the latter, although some of the “dust” particles were using different paths to the main flow of the dust. Unfortunately, we cannot put the video clips up as it may identify the location.

In our initial investigations the group found there were two main areas of activity, at the top of the stairs and in Room 1.

Room 1 - Rowena, Dave & Pete were first in with limited results. Denise & Tym placed the voice recorder on a table, stood away and carried out a question and answer session in the “room”. After a while, we heard a very faint tap seeming to respond repeatedly to several questions in a row. The hairs stood up on end all over our bodies. When the recording was played back the following day there were very distinctive knocks, which we didn’t hear during the questioning.
Just before leaving the room Tym asked the spirit to go and touch Pete, who was in another room, on the shoulder. As
Denise & Tym walked towards Pete he said he was touched on the neck!!! There was no way he could have heard us. There was also a flashing orb captured on the video.

Room 2 - Denise & Tym started in here with no results. When Tym was in here on his own, being monitored by an infrared camera, other members of the team saw an orb circling him, taking a totally different path to the rest of the “dust”. Tym later returned to see if this could be replicated, but unfortunately not. He did, however, take a voice recorder with him and during his brief questioning there was another distinctive knock on playback that he didn’t hear at the time.

Room 3 - Nothing except maybe orbs, but very unsure.

The Stairs - Rowena, Dave & Pete had success on the stairs, they carried out a Q&A session using the K2 meter. They identified a spirit as being a young boy through the responses that lit up the K2 and had a lengthy conversation with him. Adam and Christian had no results from their investigations. However, during the review of the video while they were on the stairs, there was a square/diamond shaped orb that appeared from behind Adam’s shoulder moving towards the camera, then disappears out of shot. We’ve never seen “dust” that shape! Shortly after that a more solid, but smaller, looking spherical orb appears from behind the camera and takes what looks like a deliberate route into the centre of Christian’s back (sitting with his back to the camera) and disappears into his jacket. If it was a piece of dust I would expect it to veer off once it got to his back, but it just disappears without trace.

Once I’ve removed any identifying features I’ll post the flashing orb that appeared in Room 1 where Denise & Tym heard the faint taps.

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